Where the main ingredients are Real Food, Real People and Real Atmosphere

With locations in downtown Franklin, downtown Nashville and downtown Columbia, the Puckett’s roots go way back to the 1950s, and a little grocery store in the village of Leiper’s Fork, Tenn. Ever since then, we’ve been focused on providing friends new and old with great food and Southern hospitality

When it comes down to it, Puckett’s is a community kitchen, with live pickin’ performances just a few feet from your table. Authentic comfort food—barbecue smoked slow ‘n’ low over cherry wood, the home-cooked sides, even a few upscale dishes—is what we aim for you to remember.


Founded by the Puckett family in the 1950s, Puckett’s has served as a country store to several communities in Williamson County for decades. From fresh groceries and a good southern meal to a tank of gas and a place to catch up with friends, Puckett’s has long been a staple in the Leiper’s Fork community.

In the mid-1990s, Andy Marshall’s love of food, music and community began to steer him in a different direction than the grocery stores he owned. His desire was to serve one small town with just one store, where he could also offer home-cooked family recipes to the community he was serving.  So, in 1998, he decided to sell all of his stores and purchase a little gem in the heart of Leiper’s Fork.  That gem was Puckett’s Grocery.

When Marshall first bought Puckett’s, it took some time to figure out just what he had.

“It was the coolest little country market I’d ever seen. We were serving everyone from country folk, to songwriters and business moguls,” he says. “Before long, I realized what I had here was a restaurant pretending to be a grocery store. More and more customers were wanting the home-cooked meals and cherry wood smoked meats—all within the atmosphere that you can only get at a place like Puckett’s.”

The food quickly began to develop a reputation of its own. Marshall added his own flair to the Puckett’s staples, throwing in upscale dishes with down-home Southern cuisine.

“I learned how to make ribs when I was growing up in Memphis. We use our own special rub. Cooking teams have even won competitions with our ribs,” he says.

In 2002, Marshall branched out to start a formal dinner and music program at the local hot spot. 

“With all of the talented writers in and around town, our Friday night writers’ show quickly grew with folks coming from all over to hear some of the industry’s finest in a cool and eclectic environment,” he says.


In 2004, another opportunity was presented to Marshall: to expand Puckett’s to his hometown and beloved community of Historic Downtown Franklin. With bustling, historic, small-town charm, Marshall tailored the new space to be more of a restaurant and live music venue.  

“It is a real joy to have created my first design for Puckett’s in Franklin. It is an honor to be a part of such a terrific community,” Marshall says.

In 2007, Puckett's Grocery, along with Keith Mohr, partnered to create a unique local music contest called Puckett's Rising Star—a seven-week contest featuring up to 20 local singer/songwriters. The winner of the competition takes home a $500 cash stipend, and a chance to be featured in an upcoming Winner’s Round with other established and well-known songwriters.

"There is so much talent in this area. We at Puckett’s are proud to showcase some of Nashville’s best undiscovered songwriters who could soon become a rising star,” Marshall says.

Several years and many accolades later, people just can’t seem to get enough of Puckett’s. From the food and music to the authentic atmosphere, there’s something about Puckett’s that keeps the locals coming back.

Puckett’s in Franklin has received numerous awards including many Williamson County’s Sizzle Awards for Best Burger, Best Meat and Three, Best Value, Best Service, Best Caterer, Best Live Entertainment, and Best Value. It has also been voted “Best Restaurant Worth the Drive,” and “Top 100 Restaurants,” in the critics’ publication-Where The Locals Eat. Rand McNally awarded Puckett’s the “Must Visit Restaurants While Traveling Award,” in its Top 100 Restaurants publication.


In 2010, Marshall decided to expand the Puckett’s brand to downtown Nashville. Significantly larger than the Franklin restaurant, Puckett’s 5th & Church has a bigger stage, seating for 150 guests, and a stock of supplies and groceries for downtown dwellers.

Friends can expect the best pickin’ performances that Music City has to offer on the Nashville stage, six nights a week—and don’t forget Puckett’s famous home cooking!

In just a few years, the Nashville restaurant has received numerous awards, including Best BBQ in Nashville at the People's Choice Annual BBQ competition. The Nashville Downtown Partnership also awarded the restaurant for Outstanding Business Development, presented by the Honorable Mayor Karl Dean.


In March 2013, Marshall opened the third Puckett’s Gro. & Restaurant in downtown Columbia, Tenn. The concept for a Puckett’s on the city’s Public Square was a project several years in the making, and the three-story interior offers the same home-cooked meals and live entertainment that it’s built its name on.

The former factory and warehouse building measures more than 26,000 square feet, and includes a second-floor event space that exceeds 9,000 square feet and a two private dining rooms on the first floor.

Puckett’s Boat House

In 2012, Marshall landed on an amazing opportunity to open a second restaurant in Franklin, and developed the family’s first seafood concept in the Puckett's Boat House. The grill and oyster bar menu offers by-the-shore dishes reminiscent of the Gulf coast and the Big Easy, plus Southern staples that draw from the Marshall family’s Mississippi Delta and Memphis roots. The Boat House offers the Puckett’s trademark Southern flare and reputation for a live music venue—both with a Boat House twist. To learn more, go to www.puckettsboathouse.com.